Soft Heart, Hard Target Training

Soft Heart Hard Target

An intensive 2-day self-protection journey for the kind and caring who seek to learn how and when to unleash the warrior within.

Thank you for your interest in our self-protection intensive designed specifically for the soft hearted.  The world can be a scary place, especially for those who possess the treasure of a gentle and soft heart. 

Sometimes, we who are kind are seen as weak, easy prey, but that does not have to be the truth.  I’m sure you’d agree that in today’s ever-changing world, it is vitally important to:

    • cultivate your dynamic inner strength 

    • learn how to assess situations in order to avoid danger

    • know how to protect your children, your family, and yourself

    • understand how and when to release the warrior within

Some of the most dangerous (in a good way) people in the world are also the most kind, caring, and generous humans you’ll ever meet.  Perhaps…you are one of them and you don’t even know it…  Are you ready to find out?


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